Investment Commentary, Q4 2011

After an October rally, volatility has not died down, and investors continue to be concerned about the prospects for their investment portfolios. Policy The congressional debt commission failed to come to agreement, and automatic spending “cuts” will take effect if the greater body of congress fails to act. In reality, there will be no automatic […]

Investment Commentary, Q3 2011

At the time of this writing, on the forefront of every one’s mind is the US debt debacle. Through weeks of political wrangling, months of failed budget proposals by the President, and years of overspending on both sides of the isle, investors today worry for good reason that the US debt crisis may end badly. […]

Investment Commentary, Q1 2011

Every quarter or so, our investment committee meets to review current market trends and expectations. Our most recent meeting conducted early in the second quarter has led to very few significant changes in our market outlook. Cash as an asset class remains stale at best. Money Market yields remain in the 0-1% range[1], while yields […]