A New Collaboration Tool for Clients and Professional Partners

Clients and professional partners have enjoyed using our tools that permit secure transmission of personal data.

We will be migrating non-email applications of this functionality to Box.com going forward. (Please note we will still utilize NeoCertified for secure transmission of sensitive information via email.)

Sending us files in an encrypted and secure manner may still be done via Box on an encrypted web form here.

We will begin sending file notices as necessary via the Box tool. Here is the process!

  1. If we share a file with you, you will receive an email invitation notifying you of the shared file. Click “Accept Invite” to continue and sign in, or to sign up for an account if you do not already have one.

2. Next, login with your username and password OR complete the sign-up form and click “Submit” to create you Box account.

3. If you created a new account, Box will send you a confirmation email. Click “Verify Email” in the email message to verify your email address and login to your new Robert Harding Company Box account.

4. Finally, a brief orientation screen will appear, and for those who previously had signed up for a box account, their new “My Robert Harding Files” folder will appear.

5. Click on your “My Robert Harding Files” to view your shared files.

Files stored here may be shared with trusted contacts, trustees, accountants, attorneys, or any other preferred third party. Please note we do require a signed release form prior to adding third-parties to your Box folder. This form is a single page and may be e-signed for your convenience.

For assistance with our Box collaboration tool, please contact Jeremy at 623-977-9823.

Thank you for being our clients!

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