A New Collaboration Tool for Clients and Professional Partners

Clients and professional partners have enjoyed using our tools that permit secure transmission of personal data. We will be migrating non-email applications of this functionality to Box.com going forward. (Please note we will still utilize NeoCertified for secure transmission of sensitive information via email.) Sending us files in an encrypted and secure manner may still […]

Lincoln Extends Annuity Contract Maturity Dates

Key Takeaways: Lincoln Life has extended the maturity dates on their annuity contracts to age 99. No action is required on the part of annuity owners or annuitants. Many of you have begun receiving notices that Lincoln Life has extended the maturity dates on your Lincoln annuity contract(s). Insurance companies generally include a provision in […]

2015 Tax Information Update

Clients and Friends, It is tax season once again and we have aggregated some information to help you and your tax professional better navigate through the documentation and deadlines for tax reporting from our various partner investment firms. For those of you with Geneos Retail, Advisory, and SelectOne Advisory accounts at Pershing, more information can […]

Market Outlook and Second Opinions

Though the last decade has been rough on a lot of investors, the last 5 years have been banner ones. The S&P 500 has more than doubled from its 2009 lows, and many investors are seeing their investment portfolios begin to make gains above their 2007 highs – adjusted for withdrawals in some instances. Key […]

Retirement Realities

By Jeremy S. Mitchell, CFP® When considering retirement, many have a “magic number” in mind that they believe will permit them to retire well. The reality is that retirement success cannot be assured by having accumulated a certain level of wealth. Rather it requires both ongoing monitoring of current spending and identifying and planning for […]

The Fixed Income Conundrum

by Jeremy S. Mitchell, CFP® A recent jump in interest rates has caused bond values to decline, prompting investors to re-evaluate the use of bonds in their portfolios. Key Takeaways: Remember the purpose of bonds in the context of a fully diversified portfolio Review and recommit to financial goals Take risks worth taking: focus on […]

Investment Commentary, Q2 2012

Investor sentiment remains timid amid an early year market rally, European woes abroad and domestic policy debate compound the uncertainty. Policy In June, the Supreme Court upheld much of the Patient and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  The Department of Health and Human Services and the Internal Revenue Service are working diligently to draft regulations […]

Investment Commentary, Q1 2012

After a volatile year for international stocks, the world equity markets have rallied in the first quarter, and the election year ahead for investors is off to a strong start. Policy In the last week of March, the Supreme Court held everyone’s attention as the justices took up the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, […]

Investment Commentary, Q4 2011

After an October rally, volatility has not died down, and investors continue to be concerned about the prospects for their investment portfolios. Policy The congressional debt commission failed to come to agreement, and automatic spending “cuts” will take effect if the greater body of congress fails to act. In reality, there will be no automatic […]

Investment Commentary, Q3 2011

At the time of this writing, on the forefront of every one’s mind is the US debt debacle. Through weeks of political wrangling, months of failed budget proposals by the President, and years of overspending on both sides of the isle, investors today worry for good reason that the US debt crisis may end badly. […]